DNA Testing - Clan MacFarlane

March 25, 2018:   mtDNA = Haplogroup X2b    Links for explanation:    Family Tree DNA or Wikipedia

                              Y- Haplotree = R1b1b2    Links for explanation:   Wikipedia

                              Ancestoral Origins:    Scotland

To all the Lark's that are descendants from George Washington LARK (1884-1940) or his brother, Charles Henry LARK (1877-1954) --- welcome to Clan MacFarlane!

George Washington Lark was my grandfather.   Through DNA testing (courtesy of my father), research, and oral family history -- we can say that we are really MacFarlane's. 

 If you've been following this page or The Mystery Surrounding James M. Lark, then you know James M. Lark, the grandfather to George Washington and Charles Henry LARK, was considered in the Russell County, VA courts a "bastard" child.   James M. Lark's mother was Polly Lark (I'm still trying to figure out her lineage) but, we know his father was Dr. James M. McFarlane (1790 to about 1849). 

Dr. James M. MacFarlane graduated from the University of Virginia, College of Medicine and interestingly enough was charged with adultry in 1821.

Prior to 1850 James M. Lark appeared to sometimes be known as James M. MacFarlane and sometimes as James M. Lark.   As there were also James M. MacFarlane's about the same age and in the same area, it was often difficult to determine who was who. (Which is why if you do your own research please do not just copy other's family trees ...  use them for leads, but veryify your sources.   People do a lot of guessing because they have the same surname or an age looks correct!)

Here is what are ancestory really looks like:

1.  George Washington LARK or brother Charles Henry LARK

   2.  John B. LARK (1851 - 1901)

     3.  James Mack LARK (1828 - 1907)

         4.   Dr. James M. MacFarlane (1790-1849)

            5. Col James Alexander MacFarlane (1767-1830)

                6.  Duncan MacFarlane (1706-1768)  

You may see different spellings:   MacFarland, McFarland, McFarlane, MacFarlane. 

I greatly appreciate those who visit this site sharing info "passed down"
 on the history of the Lark's, which by the way at least 3 different people told of family stories how our surname was really MacFarlane and changed to Lark!   
(Read "The Mystery Surrounding James M. Lark" - I still have to figure out his mother! )   
Thank you and please keep your emails/correspondence coming!