Quilt of Valor


Quilts of Valor are made to honor our services members and veterans touched by war and provide comfort and healing.   On Thanksgiving Day, 28 November 2013 my lovely cousin, Jean honored my dad, her uncle, Scott E. LARK for his services during WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars (USMC 1942 - 1966).  For additional informtion about Scott E. Lark's and other family members Military Service, click here.


 Each block "tells a story"  --- so Jean explains...

Row 1 - Center Flag represents your services to the United States and the four Stars represent your brothers.

Row 2 - 1:  Rocky Road, how rough it got at times.
            2:  Baltimore Bells for your sisters.
            3:  Yankee Puzzler.
            4:  54-50 or Fight, my favorite block.

Row 3 -  1: Flying Geese.          
             2: Free Trade, because you gave us freedom.
             3: Missouri Star, for Aunt Jane (Scott Lark's wife).
             4: Stepping Stone.

Row 4 -  1. "Stars" for how proud our family is of you.
             2. Liberty Star.
             3. Ocean Waves, for all the oceans you have crossed.
             4. Snails Trails, for all the trails you have followed.

Row 5 - 1. Birthday Cake, because you are 90.
            2. Log Cabin.
            3. Country Lanes for the lanes you traveled as a boy.
            4. Baby Bunting for your children.  


For more information about Quilts of Valor,
visit their website at http://www.qovf.org